10 Best App To Make A Dog Stop Barking (Android & iPhone)

Best App To Make A Dog Stop Barking
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Do you find yourself in a constant battle with your neighbor’s dog’s incessant barking? Finding an effective solution to make the dog stop barking is essential.Fortunately, in this digital age, there’s an app for almost everything, and dog training is no exception.

In this blog post, we’ll list the best app to make a dog stop barking, providing you with a comprehensive guide to finding the perfect solution to bring some much-needed peace and quiet back into your life or your neighborhood. These apps can work on your Android or iOS devices and you can download them for free.

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Free App To Stop A Dog Stop Barking (Android & iPhone)

1. iTrainer Dog Whistle and Clicker


iTrainer Dog Whistle and Clicker is a dog training app which can assist you in reducing your dog barking. It contains a simple, user-friendly interface with more than 50 different kinds of sounds, which include dog whistles, animal sounds, and clickers. The pup whistle feature contains frequency settings that range between 100 and 35,000 Hz, and it can be used to get your furry friend’s attention without adding extra noise that can be detected by man ears.

Five different clicker sounds can also be used, and one can assign each sound to a specific trick or command. This app is free to download and it contains a good number of unpaid features. More sounds can also be unlocked by upgrading to premium, and the premium fee is just about 2 Dollars.

The app is the best when it comes to stopping a dog from barking because it’s very straightforward and good at catching your pup’s attention while they are barking. The only limitation is that it is not available for Android users, only available in the Apple App Store.


  1. Straight forward
  2. User-friendly interface
  3. Dog whistle feature
  4. Has varying frequency options
  5. The premium fee is about 2 Dollars only.


  1. Only available in the Apple App Store.

2. Dog Whistle – High-Frequency


Making use of the Dog Whistle – High-Frequency app can be absolutely free, which makes it the best app to stop your furry friend from barking. The free version contains ads that play once in a while, but it’s not as regular as many other free pup whistle apps. The full version of the app can also be purchased at a very affordable price, and you will not be interrupted by ads any longer.

The simple and straightforward app permits you to instantly redirect the frequency of your fur whistle to assist you in getting your dog’s attention and prevent it from barking. The frequency range is between 100 and 22,000 Hz. If you wish to use the app for more training purposes, you can assign the different commands to other frequencies.


  1. Absolutely free to use
  2. Frequencies range from 100 and 22,000 Hz
  3. The ad-free premium version is available


  1.  The free version displays ads

3. GoodPup


GoodPup is a great app for creating a solid foundation for your new pup. It links you up with a professional pup trainer, and you can jointly generate a personalized training plan. You will be receiving daily guided practices and check-ins as well, and you will be able to chat with your pup trainer once a week through video. This app also contains a 24/7 chat feature which you can use to get advice from pup attitudes and veterinary experts. So, if your puppy is whining or barking in the mid-night, you can still connect with someone for assistance.

The monthly subscription for this app is actually expensive and costs more than $34/week, but if you gauge the prices to traditional in-person dog training sessions, it’s not too costly.


  1. Guided practices and check-ins on a daily basis
  2. Chatting with dog trainers through video call
  3. 24/7 chat feature


  1.  Payment of about $34/week is a must.
  2. Dogo App – Premium Choice

4. Dogo


This Dogo App is a comprehensive pup training app. This app makes use of positive dog training methods to make sure your furry partner learns with confidence and enthusiasm. It contains different subscription packages, with the basic package of about $4.99 per month. Luckily, one can go for a 7-day free trial session before selecting a monthly subscription package.

This Dogo App contains a built-in clicker and contains quite short training tutorial videos to assist you in learning how to train your furry friend to stop barking correctly. As soon as your furry partner masters the skill, you can proceed to try out more than 100-plus training exercises. You can also go for having a personalized training package and get straight feedback from pup trainers to make sure your dog is set up for success.


  1.  Uses positive dog training methods
  2. 7 days free trial available
  3. Has a built-in dog clicker
  4. Get direct response from dog trainers


  1. It requires a monthly subscription.

5. Puppr


Puppr is another dog training app which can assist you in training your furry friend to stop barking on command. The app has training courses and masterclasses made by popular dog trainer Sara Carson and her Super Collies. Certain lesson packs can either be purchased or registered for a monthly subscription. As soon as you buy a lesson, you will be directed through step-by-step video instructions to assist in training your furry partner to stop barking in easy steps.

The Puppr community is strong and active, and you along with your pup can take part in fun challenges with other members of the community. Being a part of this community can inspire you to continue working at training your furry one to stop barking, and another incentive to train is earning badges as your pup improves in new skills.

This app has a 24/7 chat feature which connects you to a team of experts. Yet, unlike GoodPup, it does not have a video chat feature.


  1. It has step-by-step video instructions
  2. It has a strong online community
  3. Also 24/7 chat feature


  1.  No live video chat.

6. Pupford

pupford app

The Pupford app is a training app which provides a free 30-day training course for new puppies, and it contains positive dog training methods. It’s one of the few apps that provides substantial basic obedience training for free. So, with some dedication and time, you can train your pup to stop barking with only the free version.

As soon as the 30-day course is complete, you can move to sign up for training plans and memberships at Pupford Institute. This will unlock training courses for more than 100 different attitudes and tricks. If you realise that you and your furry friend need more training with barking, you can buy the Barking Remedies course. This app also assists you in tracking your dog’s improvement and marking specific attitudes.

Unlike some other dog training apps, this one does not have any chat feature. It only provides access to a private Facebook group, but you are not assured to connect with any dog trainer via it.


  1. Free 30-day training course
  2. Premium membership grants access to more than 100 courses
  3. A course that generally addresses barking is available for purchase


  1.  No chat feature

7. EveryDoggy


EveryDoggy is a dog training app for either puppies or dogs which assists you in training and teaching your furry one obedience tricks and skills. This app has more than 70 different games and tricks to assist in keeping your dog physically and mentally active, including stop-barking training. It keeps your furry friend mentally stimulated and also stops boredom to reduce barking.

The app also contains a built-in clicker and a pup whistle to assist in catching your fur’s attention. A free version and a premium version can be selected. You can opt for the basics if you have the free version, but if you want more direction with training, it’s good to go for the premium version, which can be bought with either a monthly or annual subscription. You will have access to a chat feature as well, where you can add videos of your furry friend’s improvement for review.


  1. It contains more than 70 different games and tricks.
  2. It contains built-in click and dog whistle
  3. It also has a built-in chat feature


  1.  The free version is very limited

8. Barkio

barkio apk

Oftentimes, it is useful to have a dog camera in the home to control your dog’s attitude while you’re not around. If your furry partner tends to bark more when you are not around, you have better ways of catching what makes your dog bark. Dog cameras can be very costly, and Barkio provides a more cost-effective remedy.

Barkio is an app which allows you to connect two devices, like phones, laptops and tablets, to control your dog. One will act as a camera, and the other can be used to view your dog while you are away from the home. This app also contains a microphone feature which can be used to talk to your furry one and calm them down if they begin to barking.

Barkio requires a membership subscription, but it is not up to $30 per year. The only permanent challenge faced by Barkio users is not being able to silence the camera. So, it’s hard to secretly open the app and view the camera without hearing your dog bark unless you’ve absolutely muted your phone first.


  1. Connects any two devices together
  2. Assists you in finding what is making your dog bark
  3. Microphone function allows you to speak and calm down your dog


  1.  Can’t silence the camera

9. Dog Whistle & Clicker


The Dog Whistle and Clicker app is a simple and direct app that has a dog whistle which ranges between 0 to 140,000 Hz. The free version of the app gives access to a dog whistle and clicker, and the premium version opens more animal sounds and training tips. You can also select different clicker sounds to assign specific sounds to certain tricks or commands. Since many sound options are available, it is possible that you will see one that gets your pup’s attention and stops it from barking.

This app is currently only available for iPhones, and many users end up upgrading to the premium version because the free app has too many ad pop-ups.


  1. Dog whistle has a wide range of frequencies
  2. Has different clicker sounds and animal noises
  3. It includes training tips


  1.  Only available for iPhones
  2. The free version has too much of ad pop-ups.

10. Pet Monitor VIGI

Pet Monitor VIGI

Pet Monitor VIGI is another dog camera app which can also connect two devices together. Unlike Barkio, It is not user-friendly and is limited, but the app only requires one subscription of $4.99, and you can connect up to five devices with the same account. After purchasing the app, you will have access to a camera and microphone system which enables you to talk to your pup if it’s barking while you are not around. One can also enable Pet Monitor VIGI to send signals for barking and motion tracking.

Since the app needs a strong internet connection, it’s essential to ensure your home has stable internet. Otherwise, the video can lag significantly, or you may be unable to view anything at all.


  1.  One-time payment of only $4.99 on Playstore and $5.99 on Apple App store
  2. One account can be connected to five devices
  3. The app sends signals for barking and motion detection


  1.  Interface can be hard to navigate
  2. A very strong and stable internet connection is requires


In our reviews, the iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker is the best app to stop a dog from barking because it’s easy to use and offers a quick solution to stop dogs from barking. The Dog Whistle – High-Frequency is a nice budget-friendly option, but it contains ads. If you want to invest more in training your furry friend to stop barking, the Dogo App is a great choice which provides much support. You can get many apps that use different techniques to stop dogs from barking. Checking different ones will assist you in finding a remedy that works for your special dog.

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