31 Best Dog Movies on Netflix

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I swear that the world would be a better place if we could take our dogs everywhere with us without any restrictions, but unfortunately, we are not there yet. Therefore we can not bring our dogs to the cinema (imagine your dog sitting in a cinema with 3D glasses!).

But if we can’t bring our dogs to the cinema, we can at least provide them with movies. It is now a possibility, as we now have Netflix. So here is the list of the best movies about dogs on Netflix that are available in streaming now. We have categorized these movies into old, funny, action and sad dog movies.

Check out the List of Great Dog Movies on Netflix

1. Due Date (2010)

due date

Due date is one of the best movies on Netflix. The Movie is set when Peter, a successful architect, is forced to travel to Los Angeles because his wife is pregnant and about to give birth to a baby. During the trip, Peter meets Ethan Tremblay and his dog Sunny. He is an aspiring actor. Due Date is an entertaining movie.

2. The Stray (2017)

The Stray

The narration of the story is the following: when a father takes his family of five who travels in the mountains of Colorado, they are all glued to the light. A dog named Pluto comes in and helps the family in several ways. It is a movie that is worth watching on Netflix.

3. Patrick the Pug (2018)


This is the story of a teenage girl in school, Sarah, to which her grandmother gave a dog named Patrick. She has a disordered life because she can not handle Patrick and his discipline in school. It is a Hollywood movie with a moral message.

4. Arctic Dogs (2019)

arctic dogs

The story begins with Swifty, who has been working in the mail room delivery service Arctic Blast, but he has bigger dreams. He wants to become a dog of a head, the courier husky feature of the Arctic. To know what happens next, watch the movie on netflix.

5. Benji Off The Leash (2004)

Benji Off The Leash (2004)

Benji Off The Leash is the inspiring story of a little dog who is rescued by a young boy from his abusive stepfather. The toddler grew to become Benji, a hero hybrid under the love and affection of the young boy who saves him. But Benji has a goal to achieve, to save his mother from overcrowding and death.

Benji combines with another stray dog named Lizard Tongue, and the two of them together trying to save the mother of Benji the abusive man who tries to kill his mother. They dodge all the obstacles on the way, including two animal control officers, to change lives and even save some, because Benji is no longer on a leash. You are going to love this great movie.

6. The Champions (2015)

The Champions (2015)

One of the best movies on this list, the film documents how a former quarterback star, Michael Vick, was known for being part of a company’s illegal dog fighting, which was managed and the dogs not only fought in their rings but were also beaten and tortured if they did not fight. The film first shows how humans can sometimes be cruel and shoot it anyway because Vick was imprisoned at 23 months of age for the crime and led a normal life as a football player.

But what remains of this mess, these are 50 pit bulls who have been so disturbed in the wake of all these events that they have been seen as ticking time bombs by PETA. But luckily, these dogs have had a second chance to live because they deserved it. The film follows the progress they make from the time they are collected until the time they begin themselves to become the best of friends and also to inspire the lives of all those around them.

7. Pet Fooled (2016)

The Champions (2015)

Pet Fooled is a little different than other movies on this list. This is not a dramatic touching story but a great documentary that opens the eyes of the animal feed industry adulterated. We realize little by little how marketing has been detrimental to our lives but have we ever wondered how healthy food products for pets, falsely advertised, can affect the lives of our pets?

Well, not until now. This film will be sometimes very frustrating because of all the truth he exposes, but you will surely have their eyes on the dark side of the commercial industry of pets. It will also help you to understand what type of food is good for your pet and what type of food should be completely avoided.

The labels are bright and eye-catching, which are often misleading, and hide several major flaws in their products. This is marketing.

8. White Fang (2018)

White Fang (2018)

White Fang is an adaptation of the famous novel Timeless written by Jack London. It is a sled dog movie on Netflix. It tells the story of a wolf-dog and his adventures in life with three masters different. The story of White Fang has touched many hearts over the years and this classic evergreen will never be the same. This film adaptation of the story did a great job on the visual level, by connecting with the main character and the beautiful soundtrack. White Fang is not only a movie for children but also for adults and will leave you on the edge of tears at the end. See more Dog movies for kids here.

Old Classic

These are the old classical movies on dogs you watch:

9. 101 Dalmatians (1961)

101 Dalmatians (1961)

Based on the novel of 1956 The One Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith. Directed by Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Luske, and Wolfgang Reitherman. Roger Radcliffe is a songwriter in the grass who lives in a bachelor flat with his dog, dalmatian, Pongo. One day, while he is wandering around in the street with his dog, Roger meets a woman, Anita, and her Dalmatian Perdita. Roger and Anita fall in love and marry.

The same goes for Pongo and Perdita. When Perdita was pregnant, everything was going well until the boss diabolical Anita has the idea to kidnap the pups and to create a coat with their excellent fur. The puppies are quickly felt the plan of Cruella, and it is then that these adorable puppies on the outside but intelligent within, have mounted a plot of their own against Cruella. See this movie on Netflix.

10. 101 Dalmatians (1996)

101 Dalmatians (1996)

The author of a difficult game, Roger, meets Anita, a beautiful fashion designer, in a dog park after a strange twist of fate. Soon, the two men fall in love and marry. And before you know it, Perdita, bitch Anita, pregnant dog Roger, all two Dalmatians. Everything seems to be perfect until the boss is evil and glamour of Anita kidnaps all the puppies with the intention of making a coat of fur perfect.

But the puppies soon realized the intentions of Cruella, and it is then that these puppies made a plan of their own against Cruella. This is the live version of the original animated movie. Not only is it as good as the cartoon, but sometimes it will give you the impression that this film is much better than the animated original.

11. Balto (1995)

Balto (1995)

Dogs can sometimes be true heroes and are ready to do anything to save the lives of those they really like. A dog of the breed, a half-husky half-wolf named Balto did the same, not only for teachers but for all of his city when he puts his life in danger in order to prevent an epidemic from entering the city of Nome, Alaska. The film does a great job of capturing the true nature of a dog that is extremely loyal and is definitely a masterpiece infringed.

12. For the Love of Benji (1977)

For the Love of Benji (1977)

The Movie Benji made a sensation in the 70s and we understand why they were so famous as soon as we saw them. Benji is what you would call an Adorbs Pupper because this puppy is extremely charming and cute. The simple fact of looking at the small dog, walking around and doing everything she is told to do, will melt the heart. In this little episode of the film Benji, Benji sniffs out a bogus CIA agent and wins over the heart of the whole world. This movie is one of the best films for dogs that you can watch as a family.

13. Turner and Hooch (1989)

Turner and Hooch (1989)

Turner and Hooch is another fascinating movie to watch on Netflix, Starring Tom Hanks, the film revolves around detective Scott Turner, who leads a monotonous and orderly life until one day he is entrusted with the responsibility to solve a murder case in which the only witness unique is a brutal dog named Hooch.

The life of Turner is completely turned upside down when he assumes the responsibilities of a dog but also develops a relationship with him with time. And now, you have Tom Hanks and a dog in the same film, what more to ask?

14. Benji (1974)

Benji (1974)

The first movie of the series Benji is really phenomenal. The plot of the movie is simple and tells the story of how a dog named Benji, who likes to be free without an owner, was friends with all the inhabitants of the city. But when the two children who were friends of Benji are kidnapped, Benji decides to take the matter in hand and untangles the steps of the kidnapper finally meeting the children and proving that it is, indeed, the dog is the most faithful, even without an owner.

Dog lovers will have no doubt with tears in their eyes when we will zoom in on the sad eyes of Benji. If you have the intention of watching a movie with your children this weekend, then look no further, because Benji is the kind of character that you and your children will fall in surely love with.

15. All dogs go to heaven (1989)

All dogs go to heaven (1989)

All dogs go to Heaven is an animated dog movie for kids. The story of the film is that of Charlie B. Barkin, a German shepherd slain by his former friend, Carface Carruthers. Charlie lands on Earth and finds his best friend, Itchy Itchiford to get revenge on Carface. In the end, we see that in the process, Charlie learns a lesson about friendship, kindness and of love.


16. The Secret Life of Pets 2 (2019)

The Secret Life of Pets 2

The movie continues the adventure of the first suite. It is a comedy animated in which Max and the owner of Duke, Katie, meet and marry Chuck and has a son, named Liam, whom Max doesn’t like at the beginning because of his game turbulent, but eventually softens towards her. We also see how Max became friends with them in order to overcome his fear.

17. The healing powers of Dude (2020)

The healing powers of Dude (2020)

The film is a comedy series American about a boy who goes to school and has to cope with a disorder of social anxiety disorder which has affected his daily activities. During his journey, he receives an emotional support dog named Dude. The dog helps manage his disorder.

18. Beverly Hill Chihuahua (2008)

Beverly Hill Chihuahua (2008)

This is one of those Disney movies where dogs can talk. By talk, I mean talk to them in English, which may be a little weird sometimes, but that removes the involvement of the human characters in the film, so it is balanced in any way, isn’t it? A chihuahua chic and spoiled loses himself in the city of Mexico for a vacation with his master. The film tells the story of the dog who tries to find her way and become friends with other dogs, which will probably remain friends for life. If you agree with the idea that dogs have real conversations like humans, then watch this entertaining movie on the journey to return a lost dog.

19. Super Buddies (2013)

Super Buddies (2013)

It all started with the movie Air Bud which has us all inspired in our childhood. I remember I had forced my parents to get a golden retriever after you have seen the story of how a dog brings happiness to the lives of those around him. Super Buddies is another one of the many good movies in the series Air Bud.

This one tells the magical story of five puppies that have unique powers. They save the world by using these superpowers to stop being extra-terrestrial power-hungry. Series Air Bud has lost its charm over time. But it is still a fun movie for kids who have followed the series since the beginning.

20. Beverly Hill Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta (2012)

Beverly Hill Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta

Once again, he is a dog who speaks but is a bit more stupid than the first. These films were probably made for children because in the latter, the dogs can not only talk but also do other things human, this would probably be hilarious for small children who like to watch movies on the dogs, just for fun. This is certainly not one of the best movies on the list, but it’s still the kind of film that will keep your kids engaged and entertained.

21. Hotel for Dogs (2009)

Hotel for Dogs (2009)

Hotel for Dogs is literally a hotel specially designed for dogs, but this is not so simple. It all starts when two siblings, Andy and Bruce, are developing a new passion for a stray dog that they named Friday. But because of the stringent policy of prohibition of pets of their home, they are not allowed to return Friday at home.

They therefore decided to offer him refuge in a hotel abandoned located nearby, where Bruce rearranges everything to make it a real hotel for dogs. In no time, the hotel became the home not only Friday but also many other dogs. But the barking continued and other noises of the place are beginning to arouse the suspicion of the neighborhood. Bruce and Andi together we must find the solution to this problem and keep their secret safe from adults and the local animal shelter.

22. A Dog Walker’s Christmas Tale (2015)

 Best Dog Movies on Netflix

The story of this movie revolves around the life of a young girl of 21 years, who moves to a new town and is forced to take up the post of walker hound for a rich sponsor. Walking the dog one day, she notices a spa and a salon are in the course of construction on a dog run local.

In the beginning, she is delighted with it, but later on, she begins to question her own inhibitions when she is befriended by another man who is also a hiker and a dog who doesn’t appreciate the intentions of those who want to destroy the dog run to make a living. The young girl has now put his ego aside and joins his new friends to oppose those who try to destroy the park and save it in one way or another before Christmas. See more Christmas dog movies here.


23. Benji (2018)

 Best Dog Movies on Netflix

The plot of this one is very similar to that of the first film, which was released in the early 70’s. Benji befriends two young children, and later, when the two children are kidnapped, Benji’s hand to their rescue. It may be a remake of a classic, but it manages to move you as much as the first, and you will surely leave in tears.

24. A Dog’s Purpose 2017

25. Hachi 2009

26. The Art of Racing in the Rain 2019

27. The call of the wild 2020

This is a very interesting dog sledding movies to watch on Netflix.


28. Max 2015

29. A Dog’s way home 2019

30. A Dog’s Journey 2015

31. Dog 2022

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