10 Christmas Dog Movies and Where To Watch Them This Holiday

Christmas Dog Movies: Top 10 Films to Watch This Holiday
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As the air turns crisp and the streets twinkle with festive lights, a magical feeling sweeps through the holiday season. It’s a time of togetherness, warmth, and boundless joy, where traditions are cherished, and hearts are filled with love. And what better way to enjoy this enchanting spirit than through the lens of cinema, where our furry, four-legged friends take center stage in a heartwarming genre of their own – Christmas dog movies.
These endearing films have a unique ability to blend the magic of the holidays with the undeniable charm of our canine companions. They invite us into a world where the love, loyalty, and infectious enthusiasm of our furry friends bring families and communities closer, reminding us of the true essence of Christmas.
In this blog post, we’ll list the best Christmas dog movies you should watch.
So, grab a cozy blanket, and a steaming mug of hot cocoa, and get ready to get into the heartwarming tales that make Christmas dog movies a cherished part of our holiday celebrations. From classics that have stood the test of time to newer gems that continue to touch our souls, these films remind us that, in the midst of all the festive chaos, the love and loyalty of a furry friend can truly be the greatest gift of all.

1. Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure

If you thought that the film was dedicated to a famous composer, you were mistaken: we are talking about a funny St. Bernard, who is not the first to please the audience. This time the funny dog finds himself in an unusual situation, from which he will have to come out the winner.

One day, an elf gets into an accident on a magic sled and loses a bag of gifts. It is stolen by fraudsters, and only our glorious hero Beethoven saves Christmas by returning gifts to the rightful owner. Winter landscapes, funny situations and a cute dog will certainly give you a smile and a New Year’s mood!

Christmas Dog Movies: Top 10 Films to Watch This Holiday

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2. The 12 Dogs Of Christmas

 And this story will take you back to the 30s when the Great Depression was in the United States. The father of young Emma sends the girl to her aunt, where she manages to make new friends. Soon she learns that there is a shelter for homeless pets in the city, which is planned to be demolished, and decides to help orphaned animals. Despite the hard times, the good girl has time to give the city Christmas and enjoy it in spite of everything.

Touching episodes, a combination of naivety and kindness, as well as charming pets who perfectly played their roles, will definitely leave you under a pleasant impression.

Christmas Dog Movies: Top 10 Films to Watch This Holiday

3. 12 Dogs Of  Christmas: Great Puppy Rescue (2012)

If you enjoyed The 12 Dogs Of Christmas, then you will enjoy this, the second part of this story. Now she will have to save the pets again, because the shelter in which they live, wants to be closed by the greedy businessman Finnes James. It takes a large amount of money to save a shelter for stray animals.

And then Emma decided to join a school competition to help dogs find a home when her city tried to ban dogs. Will it reverse the court’s decision? And save Christmas and the dogs? We hope so!

Christmas Dog Movies: Top 10 Films to Watch This Holiday

4. A Dog Named Christmas

 This touching movie tells the story of an incredible friendship between a mentally disabled young man and a devoted dog, who became a real companion. He called his beloved Labrador Christmas, and their emotional connection was amazing.

That’s just because the family initially said that they would not be able to keep the dog in the house, but everything ended up fine. The guy also manages to convince the city that it’s worth taking the dog out of the shelter. By the way, this movie was created to encourage people to “adopt” homeless pets who are very much in need of a family, and at the same time give a Christmas mood.

Christmas Dog Movies: Top 10 Films to Watch This Holiday

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5.  Snow Dogs

 Have you ever been to Alaska? If not, we suggest you go there with Ted Brooks the hero of the movie “Snow Dogs”! He gets an inheritance, and they turn out to be sled dogs, with which Ted gets into fun adventures.

Just imagine yesterday, the guy lived in Miami, basked in the sun and swam in the ocean, and today he finds himself in the midst of snow avalanches and ice, where you can freeze out of habit. And, of course, you need to somehow tame huskies, which can show their teeth and bark. But the story will have a great ending that is sure to make you smile. Click here for more Sled Dogs movies.

Christmas Dog Movies: Top 10 Films to Watch This Holiday

6.  Finding Santa (2010)

 Once Santa Claus received a toy puppy as a gift. The wizards decided that the stuffed animal could be revived, and the result was an amazing white dog. Together with his master, he goes to the city, but Santa Claus got lost, and now Christmas is in jeopardy.

A smart puppy will have to pass a lot of tests, but, in the end, everything will end well, and the festive mood will not leave either the heroes of the story or the audience.

Christmas Dog Movies: Top 10 Films to Watch This Holiday

7. The Snow Five (2008)

Have you ever seen talking dogs? No? Then it’s time to watch a wonderful family movie in which nice puppies decide to help a boy named Adam, who dreams of participating in races. And although the boy’s dad is against it, the dogs manage to fulfil the dream of their new friend. You can’t even imagine how well the devoted dogs will cope and how they will help Adam in the realization of his dream.

Christmas Dog Movies: Top 10 Films to Watch This Holiday

8. Marley and Me

If you dream of summer in the winter, we suggest that you take a trip to sunny Florida with the characters of the movie “Marley and me”. In the center of the plot is a young family that gets a wonderful dog. However, it turns out that he is not only very cute but also naughty. If you like this story, you can go on to the second part, where charming Marley will not only smoke but also talk!

Christmas Dog Movies: Top 10 Films to Watch This Holiday.

9. Golden Winter (2012)

Young Oliver finds a group of golden Retriever puppies in an abandoned house, looking for their mother. Together, they help stop a bank robbery during Christmas.

Christmas Dog Movies: Top 10 Films to Watch This Holiday


10. Christmas with Tucker (2013)

A 13-year-old teenager who has just lost his father finds a loyal and devoted friend in the person of the neighbor’s dog Tucker. When an alcoholic neighbor goes to jail, the boy takes care of the dog, and Tucker takes care of him. But the neighbour returns, and new friends must find a way to stay together.

Christmas Dog Movies: Top 10 Films to Watch This Holiday

11. A Golden Christmas (2009)

Young children and Michael met once in the summer, a long time ago, thanks to a special dog. But the summer was over, and they never saw each other again. When Jessica’s husband died, she decided to return to her parents’ home for Christmas to discover the house she grew up in had been sold to a stranger. So she decides to buy it back.

Christmas Dog Movies: Top 10 Films to Watch This Holiday


12. A Puppy for Christmas (2016)

After her boyfriend kicks Noelle and her new puppy out of the house, she spends Christmas with her co-worker Liam at his family’s farm. As their relationship begins to develop, Noelle’s ex-lover suddenly returns and tries to convince her to return to him, forcing her to make a choice between the two suitors.

Christmas Dog Movies: Top 10 Films to Watch This Holiday


13. One Christmas Eve (2014)

On Christmas Eve, employees of the shopping center discover a beautiful gift box near the entrance, in which a puppy is sitting and a note is lying with a request to give the baby into good hands. The Colleagues can not agree on who will take the puppy and decide to throw a coin.

Christmas Dog Movies: Top 10 Films to Watch This Holiday

These movies are perfect for kids, the whole family, or when you and your puppy spend a movie night together. These films feature a dog buddy or the main character. From cult classics like How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Charlie Brown‘s Christmas to more obvious puppy picks like Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure, all of these movies will leave everyone in your family in a festive mood.

14. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966)

There are many things to love about the crooked grin and hidden soft side of everyone’s favorite Christmas villain, the Grinch. He turns green with envy and is spiteful at times, but he always has a soft spot in his heart for his puppy Max. Max pulls his sled firmly… and encourages him to relent a little, making this one of the best movies to watch with a dog.

Christmas Dog Movies: Top 10 Films to Watch This Holiday

15. A Charlie Brown’s Christmas (1965)

In this classic Christmas dog movie, Peanuts is the team and reminds us all of what’s really important during the festive season. Even if your tree is lightly decorated and barely covered in leaves, there are many reasons to join those who matter most to you, including your dog. In this holiday movie, Snoopy the dog is so excited about Christmas that he takes part in a holiday decorating contest in his decorated doghouse. You’ll have to see if he wins!

Christmas Dog Movies: Top 10 Films to Watch This Holiday

16. Santa’s Buddies: The Legend of Santa Paws (2009)

This Christmas dog movie, suitable for all ages, tells the story of the” Buddies”, a group of five fast-talking, super-adorable Golden Retriever puppies. This is a spin-off of the widely popular Air Bud Films series and creates the same pleasant, soulful atmosphere. As they complete this holiday mission, they help Santa’s Paw’s son, Paw Puppy, discover the true meaning of Christmas. Get ready for your dog to interact with the screen during this must-watch movie.

Christmas Dog Movies: Top 10 Films to Watch This Holiday

Where to Watch

Now that we know what movies to look out for, the next step is finding where to watch them. Leading streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and Hulu offer a vast selection of Christmas movies, including those featuring our furry friends.

premiunm Popular Choices and Their Availability

  1. Netflix – Features a variety of classic and newer Christmas dog movies. Keep an eye on their “Holiday” category during the festive season.
  2. Amazon Prime – Offers many rent or purchase options for Christmas dog films, making it a great choice if you want to own a digital copy.
  3. Disney+ – Home to some beloved family-friendly Christmas movies that often feature dogs in magical holiday scenarios.
  4. Hulu – Occasionally has hidden gems among its holiday movie selection, so don’t forget to explore.

Online For Free

  1. Crackle : Crackle is a free streaming platform that offers a selection of Christmas movies, including those featuring dogs. While their library may not be as extensive as paid services, you can still find some classic titles to enjoy.
  2. Tubi: Tubi is another free streaming service that hosts a variety of Christmas films, including heartwarming tales with our canine companions. It’s an excellent option to explore, and you can enjoy these movies without a subscription.
  3. Pluto TV: Pluto TV provides free access to various TV channels, and some of these channels feature holiday movie marathons during the Christmas season. You may stumble upon some dog-centric Christmas movies during their scheduled programming.
  4. Popcornflix: Popcornflix is a free streaming platform that offers a variety of movies, including some heartwarming Christmas dog films. It’s accessible without a subscription.
  5. Vudu: Vudu provides a selection of free movies, and you can often find Christmas dog movies in their free library. While they offer paid content, they also offer free titles.
  6. YouTube: YouTube has a growing library of free movies, and you can discover classic Christmas dog movies on various channels and user-uploaded content.
  7. Internet Archive: The Internet Archive hosts a vast collection of public domain films, including some older Christmas movies featuring dogs.
  8. Local TV Channels: Check with local TV channels, especially during the holiday season. Some local networks may air classic Christmas dog movies for free.
  9. Roku Channel: If you have a Roku device, the Roku Channel offers a selection of free movies, including holiday classics.
  10. IMDb TV: IMDb TV, Amazon’s free streaming service, features a variety of movies, and you might find Christmas dog films in their library.
  11. Plex: Plex offers free movies and TV shows, and their library includes holiday-themed content, including Christmas dog movies.
  12. Peacock: Peacock offers a wide range of movies and TV shows, and they often feature holiday-themed content, including Christmas dog movies. While Peacock offers both free and premium subscription options, you may find some Christmas movies available for free with ads. Check their holiday lineup during the Christmas season to see if they have any heartwarming films featuring dogs.

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