8 Dog Movies Based on True Story Like Rescued by Ruby

dog movies based on true story like resued by ruby
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A dog is “man’s best friend,” and there are several dog movies, like Rescued by Ruby, which are based on true stories to prove it. Some of them are more accurate than others, but almost all dog movies focus on the same themes of love, friendship, and resilience.

On March 17, 2022 Netflix released Rescued By Ruby, a heartwarming dog movie based on true story. In real life, Ruby passed away in early May, and people across the country expressed their grief and remembered what made a beloved canine companion so wonderful.

The top dog movies based on true story are:

Rescued By Ruby follows Daniel Onil, an officer who dreams of working in a K-9 unit, and Ruby, a fun-loving,  underdog about to be put down.

Ruby rescues a boy in the woods who turns out to be a relative of the woman from the animal shelter who saved Ruby from being euthanized. The main deviation from the real story is the time frame of events. While the movie shows that everything happened over the course of a year, according to the Associated Press, Ruby discovered Inman’s son years later. Besides, Daniel and Ruby didn’t meet by chance. According to Daniel’s boss evaluated Ruby before combining them into a pair. See more Dog movies you can watch on Netflix here

2. Eight Below (2006)

When a storm threatens the lives of an Antarctic guide and his team, they are forced to abandon their guide dogs. Dogs are left alone in Antarctica for several months, forced to find a way to survive on their own.

The movie “Eight Below” is based on the true story of a Japanese expedition that was first filmed abroad. The eight below isn’t the best American remake of a foreign movie when it comes to accuracy. The team returned to the site only two years later, and only two dogs survived. The movie shows that several dogs survived, which minimizes the tragedy of real dogs that didn’t survive.

3. My Dog Skip (2000)

My Dog Skip is based on an autobiography. the same name was written by Willie Morris. The movie follows Will and his dog as they embark on various adventures. Skip is always there for Will when he makes friends, falls in love for the first time, and joins the baseball team.

The book was released in 1996, and Willie Morris has since passed away. Little is known about the extent of the book’s dramatization, but the movie seems to stay true to the memoir. One of the only criticisms of the film’s accuracy was the decision to change Skip’s dog breed from a Fox Terrier to a Jack Russell Terrier. In 2001, My Dog Skip won the Critics Choice Award for Best Family Film.

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4. After Thomas (2006)

The parents of a boy with autism are struggling to take care of their child and keep him healthy. relationships between each other. When all else fails, they turn to a golden retriever puppy, which Kyle answers. He named the puppy Thomas after his favorite train.

After Thomas, it’s pretty similar to the true story. The main difference is names. The real Kyle is Dale, and his favorite train is Henry from Thomas ‘ Train. It becomes the name of his dog. The family was so proud of their dog that they submitted Henry to the competition and shared his story. That’s how Lindsey Hill, the author of After Thomas, learned about a special animal.

5. Oddball (2015)

Oddball tells the story of a poultry farmer and his plan to rescue endangered penguins on a nearby island. At night, he sneaks his Maremma to the island, where he protects penguins from hungry foxes.

Oddball is one of the best Australian dog movies. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the film has several deviations from the real story. Most of these differences relate to the poultry farmer’s family. In the film, his wife passes away and he has a daughter. In real life, he has an ex-wife and a couple of daughters.

6. Megan Leavey (2017)

Megan feels that there is nothing left for her at home, and joins the Marine Corps. She falls in love with a rough dog named Rex. They travel abroad together, and Rex sniffs out many weapons and other paraphernalia before an explosion injures them both. Megan decides to leave the Marine Corps and applies for Rex’s adoption. When her request is rejected, she turns to the public for help.

Megan and Rex have one of the best animal-human relationships. friendship in movies and in real life. Megan Levy changed a few things in this story, mainly the reasons why Megan joined the Marines. The real Livi says the events of September 11 motivated her to fight for her country. The film shows only a few scenes from her time on the battlefield abroad. In fact, Megan and Rex served for almost three years and completed more than 100 missions together.

7. Red Dog (2011)

The red dog follows a dog in Australia who is adored by others. He likes a bus driver named John and stays with him until John’s tragic death. The Red Dog travels halfway around Australia, trying to find John before returning home. He is poisoned by an unknown person, and he dies on the grave of his master.

Red Dog seems accurate for the actual story, although some specific information is unknown. For example, it is known that the dog often visited the Dhampir and followed people, but few of the stories told about the dog in the film can be confirmed. As for John, he was a real person, but not much is known about him other than his occupation. Despite the uncertainty, Red Dog is a beautiful film that touches on the themes of loyalty and friendship.

8. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2010)

Hachi: A Dogs Tale tells the story of a dog that appears in a train station and captures the heart of Parker Wilson. Parker picks up the dog, and every day Hachi sits at the train station waiting for him to arrive after work. One day, Parker dies and doesn’t come back. Loyal to his master, Hachi stays at the station and waits for his friend.

Hachi is one of the most beloved dogs in the history of cinema. It is also considered one of the saddest dog movies of all time. The real story is just as sad, but there are some key differences between the film and reality. The events that inspired this film took place in Japan. Hachiko’s owner was a professor, and one day he didn’t come home, prompting the dog to stay and wait at the train station for nine years until he passed away.

9. Togo (2023 )

An epidemic of diphtheria came to the city, which claimed the lives of several children. The tonic was made elsewhere, but a storm threatens their means of obtaining the antidote. Sepalla reluctantly agrees to take her dogs and go on a journey. Togo is a dog born with developmental problems that defy all obstacles and leads a dog sled to the antidote.

This does not correspond to reality. There were even small moments, such as his jumping through the window. It is also true that Balto received most of the credit for bringing home the antidote. Togo is a disturbing yet moving family movie that forces viewers to think about the story they may know so well in a different light.

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