8 Famous Dog Sled Movies You Should Watch

famous dog sled movies
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If you are a fan of sled dogs, or if you have always been attracted to this activity, these sled dog movies are made for you. Grip yourself on your screen and look at these beautiful huskies, Siberian or these dogs-wolves, who demonstrate their courage and strength in difficult circumstances. And, if you’re sitting on the couch with your furry friend, it will probably make you happy.

The following are famous sled dog movies you should watch:

1. Iron Will (1994)

The Hell White is a film of 1994 starring a young Kevin Spacey, and inspired by the life of Albert Campbell, who took part in actually running the Winnipeg – Saint-Paul, Canada.

The story begins with the main character, Will, played by Mackenzie Astin, who lives with his mother and his father musher. When the father of Will dies in a tragic accident mushing, he is left alone to take care of his mother and the family farm.

Lacking money to address the needs of his mother and to keep their land, Will decides to participate in a sled dog race. An American reporter Harry Kingsley (Kevin Spacey) meeting Will at the same time that he was denied entry to the race.

Harry will give him the money he needs to have a chance of winning. In the Face of difficult weather conditions, and despite his young age and his lack of experience, the young man of 17 years will be able to show courage and determination.

The Iron Will is an excellent family film on the theme of sled dogs. A film of courage, that will inspire you to push your limits, and face your challenges. If Will and his dogs can do it, you too.

2. Eight Below (2006)

This movie is a remake, somewhat modified by Disney, of the Japanese film “Antarctica” of 1983.

In 1993, Jerry Shepard, played by Paul Walker, is working on a research base in Antarctica, with her team of eight sled dogs. When a professor at UCLA, Dr Davis McClaren arrives, he asks Shepard to take him into the tundra so that he can locate a stone meteorite rare.

Unfortunately, problems arise when Dr Mclaren slips, breaks his leg and falls into the icy water. One of the sled dogs helps to implement security. The men were forced to evacuate their base in extreme conditions, leaving behind them a pack of 8 huskies in the heart of the Antarctic, in the middle of winter formidable Antarctic.

Left to themselves, these eight sled dogs must try to survive alone in the polar zone. Shepard decides to fight to regain his furry friends. But due to the weather conditions of the winter being brutal, it was difficult to find someone to help save his dogs, who must survive alone for many months.

Prisoners of the Cold is a story heartwarming about the love between man and dogs. With images of mushing, beautiful, and total immersion in the white immensity of Antarctica, this is a great film to watch with a family of dog lovers!

3. The Great Alone

The Great Alone is an independent documentary movie about sled dogs, shot in the Arctic of Alaska. He follows Lance Mackey, a champion of sled dog race in 2013.

Even before his birth, Mackey was running sled dogs in the womb of his mother! His father, Dick Mackey, was also a musher. In 1978, after having travelled 1757 miles between Anchorage and Nome, he won the victory over the running of the Iditarod, a mythical race of which he was the co-founder.

And Lance has wanted to walk in the footsteps of his father and become in its turn, the winner of the famous race sled dogs. Throughout his journey, we learn more about Lance, his difficult childhood and his cancer.

This documentary chronicles the incredible determination of this quadruple champion of the race Iditarod, his unfailing love for his dogs, but also his suffering in the disease. Lance Mackey is today one of the greatest runners of sled dogs of all time. The documentary is amazing with images of mushing exceptional.

4. Togo (2019)

With Willem Dafoe in the role of Leonhard Seppala and Diesel, the beautiful Siberian husky in the role of Togo, this Disney movie dog movie of 2019 is talking about a dog sled heroic that saved many lives in 1925. Although the film is widely adapted and fictionalized, it tells of a true story, the race to the serum.

Born in the family of Seppala, Togo is small and weak, and they assume that he will not be fit to be a sled dog. While it continues to grow, Togo became a little puppy enough to rebel, causing chaos wherever he goes. One day, Leonhard decided to try Togo on the sleigh, and it turns out to be stronger and more energetic than all the other sled dogs!

When a deadly epidemic, diphtheria, occurs in Nome, Alaska, a serum saving must be transported by plane from Nenana, Alaska. But the difficult weather conditions make transportation by air impossible.

Finally, Seppala decided to Togo and his other dogs to retrieve the serum to go to Nome. But Togo is not the young pup he once was, and it is a journey risky. The Husky Togo and Leonhard meet many challenges during their journey.

A movie about sled dog that tells an amazing story of courage and selflessness, as well as the special relationship between Togo and Leonhard. The film is also interesting to discover the terrible story of the race to the serum. See more movies based on true story here.

5. The courage of Kavik the Wolf-Dog

The Courage of Kavik : The Wolf Dog is a tv movie that follows the adventures of Kavik, a wolf-dog champion sled, based on a novel of the same name.

After winning a great race in Alaska, Kavik is sold to the wicked businessman George Hunter. When the plane of Kavik crashed in the desert covered in snow, he is left alone to survive. Luckily, a young boy, named Andy Evans finds it and takes it back home. The local doctor takes care of the injuries of Kavik, while it binds with the young Andy.

Unfortunately, Hunter comes to get back his beloved dog. But after experiencing such trauma, Kavik is afraid of other dogs and is very sad to separate from Andy. The person in charge of the kennel Hunter then allows him to escape and Kavik begins a long and dangerous journey to find Andy.

6. Snow Buddies

7. The call of the wild 2020

The Call of the Wild is one of the best dog movies on Netflix.

8. White Fang

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