How to Stop Neighbors Dog Barking in Seconds at Night or Morning

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Is your sleep disturbed by the excessive barking from your neighbor’s dog at night or during the early morning hours? You’re not alone! Many people struggle with this issue. Thankfully, there are practical solutions to address this problem. In this article, we’ll show you various ways that can help you put an end to neighbours’ dog barking, ensuring you sleep well. Let’s get started.

How to Stop Neighbor’s Dog Barking

1. Talk to Your Neighbor

talk to neighbour for bark dog

Before taking drastic measures, consider having a friendly conversation with your neighbor about the issue. Politely explain how the dog’s barking affects your sleep and overall well-being. They might not be aware of the problem and could be willing to find a solution that benefits both parties. Also, suggest bringing the dog indoors, this helps to stop the dog from barking all night.

Utilize the Power of Authorities

2. File a Complaint

file a complaint for neighbor barking dog

You have the right to file a formal complaint about the noise disturbance caused by your neighbor’s pup. Check with your local authorities or community guidelines to understand the process of lodging a complaint.

3. Call The Cops

call the police to stop neighbor dog barking

If the dog’s barking persists and your neighbor isn’t responsive, you might consider calling the non-emergency police line. While this should be a last resort, involving the authorities can sometimes encourage your neighbor to take the matter more seriously.

4. Take Legal Action

take legal action

If the situation doesn’t improve, you could explore legal options. Consult local ordinances regarding noise disturbance and see if there’s a legal basis for your complaint. Taking legal action should be a measured step and pursued with proper documentation.

5. Contacting Animal Control

Contacting your local animal control agency can also be a viable solution. They can provide guidance on addressing the barking issue and may even mediate between you and your neighbour to find an amicable resolution.

Technological Solutions

6. Ultrasonic Devices

Ultrasonic bark control devices emit high-pitched sounds that are uncomfortable for canines but inaudible to humans. Placing one of these devices in your yard or near the source of the barking can discourage the behavior without causing harm to the dog.

7. Stop Barking Dog Apps

In today’s digital age, there’s an app for nearly everything, including stopping dog barking. These apps emit sounds only dogs can hear, distracting them from barking excessively. Such apps can be particularly useful for training the pup to remain calm.

8. Play or Download Anti-Barking Sounds

Similar to the apps, you can manually play or download anti-barking sounds. These sounds are designed to interrupt a dog’s barking pattern and divert its attention. Over time, the dog may associate barking with an unpleasant sound and reduce the behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Stop Neighbors’ Dog Barking Through the Wall

If the barking is coming through the wall, consider adding insulation or soundproofing materials to reduce the noise transmission. You can also place heavy furniture or curtains against the wall to dampen the sound.

Can You Call the Cops on a Barking Dog at Night?

While you can call the police, it’s advisable to reserve this step for extreme cases. In most situations, addressing the issue through communication or involving animal control can yield better results.

How Long Can a Dog Bark Before Calling the Cops?

Laws regarding excessive dog barking vary, but generally, a continuous disturbance lasting 10 to 15 minutes might be considered a violation of noise ordinances. However, it’s recommended to exhaust other options before involving the authorities.


Dealing with a neighbor’s dog barking doesn’t have to be an insurmountable challenge. By employing a combination of communication, technology, and appropriate authorities, you can effectively address the issue while maintaining a good relationship with your neighbors. Remember, finding a peaceful resolution benefits everyone involved.

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