Types Of Anti Bark Collar: How To choose The Right One

types of bark collars
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Barking is a natural behavior for dogs, but excessive barking can sometimes become a problem. Bark collars are a popular tool to resolve this problem, but selecting the right one requires careful consideration. In this article, we’ll discuss the types and factors you need to keep in mind when choosing a bark collar for your furry friend.

A bark collar is also known as Bark Control or anti bark.

There are 5 types of bark collars, they are

  1. Static
  2. Vibration
  3. Ultrasonic
  4. Citronella
  5. Smart

Types Of Bark Collars

Static Shock Collars

Static shock collars are the most popular bark control collars. They are also known as e-collars or electric collars and they are the most versatile as well. They operate by sending a short shock to your pup each time the collar’s sensors notice barking and they are available for pups of all sizes. Most of its models can be set to different intensity levels, and for timid pups that need less interruption, the same model can be fine-tuned, even for the willful, stubborn dogs that might need greater intensity.

Different premium static shock collars are also designed with additional features like interruptive warning tones or vibrations. Others have the capacity to increase the levels of static interruption automatically if your furry friend doesn’t stop barking until it finds the normal level.

Shock dog bark collars provide your furry partner with a light shock when he barks too much. It should only be used as a final resort since it can be somehow uncomfortable for your dog. If you make use of them, Ensure to carefully monitor the collar to be sure it is not giving unnecessary shocks to your dog. This is best used on stubborn or aggressive dog breeds.

Some are of the opinion that it is cruel to use it on your dog and there It is banned in some countries. Improper use can cause fear, pain and discomfort to your canine. See how to use electric collars to train your dog without hurting it

Vibration Collar

It is a good substitute for e-collar. As the name indicates, it creates a strong vibration when it detects barking. The strong vibrations are not pleasant to your furry friend but they are not painful, which can help teach your dog not to bark too much.

The vibration intensity can be adjusted over time, vibration collars are not as versatile as static collars and there are very few models available. This is best used on dogs who are sensitive or deaf.

types of no bark collar

Ultrasonic Collar

The ultrasonic no-bark collar was designed with high-pitched sounds that get a pup’s attention but are inaudible to people. It detects when a dog barks and uses a peep sound to stop the barking. Some ultrasonic collars make use of vibration as an added stimulus. They are very good at training young and small puppies not to bark.

Handheld ultrasonic remote units don’t use different high-frequency sounds but must be operated by you. This means that you have to be involved in the bark training process and play the sound each time your furry partner barks, however, your dog doesn’t have to put on an uncomfortable collar.

Dog bark control units are controlling stations that cover a large part of a central place. On sensing any pup barking within a particular area of about 50 feet, the bark control unit reveals an ultrasound signal that will stop all dogs barking within the range. They are suitable for keeping more than one dog quiet while playing around.

Citronella Collars

Citronella collars, also known as spray collars are made to fire out a burst of Citronella spray when they detect a dog’s barking. They are one of the most popular but perhaps not the most effective remedy. Spray collars are advised to be used for timid pet dogs which are quite responsive.

Rechargeable Spray is set to work by the vibration of the vocal cords, and the small Dog model is activated through the vibration of the microphone and the vocal cords(sound of your furry friend’s barking), which means there will be no correction by mistake.

Spray collars are very effective for many pups (about 70% effective). However, we do not prescribe them for aggressive breeds as they usually get attached to the spray and bark through it.Β  They are also very expensive to use because spray refills are required.

Smart Collars

A smart anti-bark collar is unique, it comes with three modes of operation: static shock, vibration, and sound, allowing you to choose the most suitable method for your dog’s temperament and training needs.

It also has the capacity to give real-time information about your furry partner rather than just staying on their neck which can help control how they bark. This is made easy through the use of different sensors like GPS, accelerometer, or heart rate monitor. The information these devices accept is transmitted wirelessly through Bluetooth or a cellular network to the mobile application on the owner’s cellular phone.

Some innovative dog collar brands not only offer information about your furry friend but also comes with real-time tracking, behavioral analysis and remote training that can control your dog and interrupt the excessive barking.

When Buying a smart bark collar, it is essential to consider many factors, like durability, range, battery life, and ease of use.

How Do Bark Collars Work For Dogs?

Yes, bark collars work by delivering a stimulus to the dog when it barks, with the intention of discouraging excessive or unwanted barking. There are several types of bark collars, each using different mechanisms to achieve their purpose.

How Do You Choose The Right Bark Control Collar?

Choosing the right bark collar depends on your dog, how big it is, its personality, and your preferences. For example, an electric collar is best for big and aggressive dogs. Vibration and citronella collar is best for sensitive and deaf dogs, and ultrasonic for small dogs or puppy.


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